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Kaza, Tabo & Nagko is totally Exclusive places in itself and is located in the Spiti valley, Visitng the 1000 year old Monastery of Tabo & Ngako with its untouched wall murals and 3D clay statues, and one of a kind experience, can be warmly recommended.



A wonderful valley to travel through as if moving through a place were time stands still, or doesn't even exist at all.



Can be combined with a road trip from Leh Ladakh to Shimla, or a Roundtrip Manali to Shimla.




Recommended time to visit 14-21 Days



June July August September

Spiti Valley                            

Custom Itinerary Example

Day 1 Travel Form Manali over the Rohtang Pass via Grampo to Kaza village, Relaxing rest of the day.


Day 2 Visit Kye Monastery & Village, and after lunch Kungri Gompa.


Day 3 Visit the ancient Dhankar Monastery & village


Day 4 Drive to Tabo Village Realxing and visiting the 1000 year old Tabo Monastery.


Day 5 Drive from Tabo visiting Chango monastery before arriving in the Nagko village


Day 6 Spend the day in Nagko village


Day 7 Drive from Nagko to Shimla seeing the beautiful landscape of the Valley


Options : can also be done entering from Shimla via Kinnaur towards Manali or Kyelong


Recommendation : Tilocnath and Utipur is only a day trip from Kyelong and Tso Pema (Rivalsar) a day trip from Manali (full detailed info on contact and request available).

















Photos, Text & Web Layout : Jorgen Novik

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