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Nepal                                       The Vajrayogini Valley's

The Katmandu valley in itself and Mt. Everest base camp is only a few places that can be visited with Jeep and via Mountian treks, with Jolmo, Manang, Dolpo and the Lapchik area that is also very beautiful mountain areas.



Nepal has many facilities to offer in its mountain areas and many of the places are perfect for mountain trekking into spectacular landscapes, and offer mountain ranges were much of the places are good trekking paths in spectacular landscapes.



Can be combined with Mustang



To fly direct into Kathmandu is the easiest way to arrive in Nepal, but it is also possible to arrive via Jeep or plane from India and Tibet.



Recommended time to visit 14 - 21 Days



February March April May and September October November

Photos, Text & Web Layout : Jorgen Novik

Custom Itinerary Example

Day 1 Relax in Boudhanath visiting the Stupa and local market


Day 2 Visit Swayambu and Patan with the Golden Tempel and Mahabodhi stupa seeing local arts and craft


Day 3 Daytrip to namo Buddha


Day 4-10 Leave for Mountian treks to Mt. Everest base camp (5 -7 days minimum recommended if flying 1 way)


Day 11 (after 7 day trek) Relax in Boudha


Day 12 Flight from Airport


Options : Other places to visit can be Baktapur and Nagarkot as well as trekking the Jomolarie mountain range, Jolmo or Dolpo mountains (full detailed info on contact and request available).


Recommendation's : The Kathmandu valley and Nepal in it self has so many opportunities related to treking, pilgrimage like Maratika, holidays and sightseeing that it is warmly recommended to do some research on one's own since this area has so much to offer (just send request about areas of interest and we will provide info)

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