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By the Eternal Blue Sky...

Temujin, Genghis Khan's Tengeri plains

From Ulaanbaatar and visit Terelj National Park with traditional round tent (Yurt / gur) In avowedly natural landscape. Then travel into timeless 13th century surroundings with holy shrines and Shaman camp where the different tribes gather under the same sky around the same campfire and Shaman sessions are part of the day and evening with Genghis Khan related environment and the Royal Palace.


Up North meet Raindeer tribe Shaman by the Khovsgol lake and spend time there, going back generations to the timeless lifestyle basis of the tundra.


The West with Bayan-Ulgii province, surrounded by nature, plain lanscape and 4000m mountain with Bear & Wolf. Visit Karzakh Eagle hunter tribe in surroundings of Horses and Camels, and Eagles in full hunting funsjon. Food culture here is also a central part.


Via the road stop at Amarbayasgalant (Tibetan Buddhism) founded by Emperor Manchu Yang Zheng in 1727, (standing Miraculously untouched since that time), visit Karakorum Erdene Zuu monastery in Uvurkhangai province and Gandan Monastery In Ullanbaatar. In the South a location that has direct historical links to the Kalachakra and Shambhala kingdom.


If time check out the Gobi Desert. With the opportunity of time and travel then meet Shamans in different places, whith special stories, more private meetings and go home to a Shaman for a private seance. .

the Eternal Blue Sky

Photos, Text & Web Layout : Jorgen Novik

Custom Itinerary Example

Day 1 Arriving Ulaanbaatar visiting Shaman mother trees located near Zaisan Hill Monument.

Day 2.: Ulaanbaatar city tour & The Tempel of the State Oracle.

Day 3.: Ulaanbaatar-Khovsgol lake

Day 4-5: Shaman day Khovsgol meet Reindeer People and Shaman Persons (Darkhad).

Day 6-7: Khovsgol - Zavkhan & Otgontenger

Day 8: Otgontenger Mountain Explore Nechung Oracle sacred place

Day 9-10: Going Otgontenger Mt. & Erdene Zuu - UB

Day 11: Ulanbataae Culturalsightseeing Winter palace of Bodh Khan O/N Train to Gobi

Day 12: Gobi Desert & Shambhala Gate way

Day 13: Gobi Wish fulfilling Mt. & Tresure Museum Evening train Back to UB

Day 14: Departure​

Recomended time to visit 10 / 14 / 21 Days

July August

Photos, Text & Web Layout : Jorgen Novik

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