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Japan = Nippon                    Land of the Rising Sun

Nippon the land of the Rising Sun with Tokyo's modern high level of Alien energy of a modern futuristic metreoolitan city of neon lights in sparkling rainbow colors and its ancient Peacock Buddhist Temple, Shinto & Emperial Shrine and a limitless variety off culinary experience of ancient traditional like Tampuri & Saki, Sushi & green tea.



Just an hour plus drive by car, buss or train is the sacred Mt. Fuji, a majestic sight to witness in its own, a rear beauty with the ancient Tempel / Shrine at the base of the mountain and the 5 surounding lakes.


Kyoto can be reached by Car, Overnight buss, the bullet Train or Plane is warmly recommended to visit. Here the ancient Culture of Japan is so incredible well preserved and still a living part and tradition of the local community with temples like The Ninnaji Tempel gardens and Pagoda with its beautiful open tea room, The Ryoan-ji Rock Guarden and the Whater source rock with the inscription and the Ginkaku-ji Golden Tempel with the Fire Shrine. The Nijo-jo Shogun Palace with the sacred water source to drink from and of course the Byodo-in with the Amitabha Phoenix resurrection hall Tempel and surrounding garden with museum and green tea district. In Kyoto there is possible to stay more traditional and private old home stay yet high tech (to be recommended).


Kamakura is also reguarde as a place where the ancint Japanese culture is well perserved. Japan has meny other places like Nagano for winter activeties and meny other places around the contry worth visiting.




Recomended time to visit 10 - 14 Days (21)



April May. All year round




Photos, Text & Web Layout : Jorgen Novik


Custom Itinerary Example

Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo drive to hotel and relax


Day 2 Relaxing day, walk around in Tokyo seeing the Emperial Tempel and Yoyogi park


Day 3 Vist the Peacock Shrine / Tempel and after dinner make way for the night buss


Day 4 Morning arrive Kyoto & Check into the private guest house, after Breakfast visit Ninna-ji garden & Pagoda and the Royan-ji rock Garden. After Lunch visit Ginkaku-ji the Golden Tempel with the fire shrine.


Day 5 After breakfast visit thr Byodo-in Maitabha Phoenix Hall Tempel and Museum with surrounding park an enjoy lunch in the green tea district, after Lunch visit the Nijo-jo Shogun Palace with the sacred water source to drink from.


Day 6 Free day and evening take the night buss back to Tokyo.


Day 7 Daytrip to Mt.Fuji. After breakfast visit the Tempel at the base of Mt.Fuji and after lunch visit the surround lakes.


Day 8 Daytrip to Kamakura and see the well preserved old cutrual sights


Day 9 Fly out from Tokyo


Optional : Places like Nagano is recommended for winter activities and Japan has many other interesting places with rich historical culture throughout the whole country, so it is recommende to do some personal research and have a list of interest and Pureland travels can custom make the itinerary and include the wishes of interest.


Treks : Meny treks are possible.


Snowboarding : Japan is known for some of the best free ride and powder conditions

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