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Feedback & Refferences

I had a wonderful experience with Pure-land travels on our trip to Nepal and Tibet in 2007.

It was a warm meeting with an ancient cultures











Anne Lise Sederkvist


I've had two great trips with Pure-land travels, first to Tibet, then with B.P.A. to Bhutan. They were both excellent experiences where they took me places most tourists rarely enter. The service was outstanding too, with terrific guides that helped me all the way











Joacim Kontny






The trip to India, Sikkim and Bhutan 2010 with Karma Tashi Ling & Pure-land travels (Jørgen Nøvik) was a wonderful, exciting and enriching experience with great service and lots of knowledge and information provided.  A warm and unforgettable experience.








Elin Mack
Oslo, Norway


I had an exceptionally magnificent trip with Pureland Travels to Mustang, Nepal; seldom have I gotten so close to the people and their daily lives on a journey, neither have I before had the pleasure of such helpful, happy and knowledgeable company as Pureland provides. Choose wisely, choose Pure-land.









Flemming Hansen




I had a magical time with B.P.A (recommended by Pure-land travels).  Bhutan feels like the last place on Earth where such kind and genuine people and such a living tradition is possible. Jorgen is a great guide (during Nepal) who opens many doors on the way, and helped us to experience a side of Bhutan that the other visitor's missed. I warmly recommend this trip with B.P.A.!











Maya Delic (Bhutan 2011)







I had a good time and so good experience while traveling in Nepal. This company is kind, friendly.If you want to get a good time in Nepal, i recommend this company!






Ai Sudo Japan

(Nepal 2013)

I had a wonderful trip to Tibet during July 2018 with Pureland travels. Lots of interesting stops and sights that I never would have seen had it not been for our custom made trip. Well balanced itineary with rich cultural and spriritual history and locations. Can be warmly recomended.










Erling Hoveid


it was a wonderful Tibet trip July 2018 with Pureland travels, the content was in detail custom made and balanced with rich cultural and spriritual history and locations, can be warmly recomended. Also, a part of the experience is to adapt to the food and sanitary conditions in rural Tibet, which are quite different from home. Good advice is to bring a headlight for late/nightly visits to the loo, antibac and humor. 


Anne Karin Åkra

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