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Bhutan = Drukyul

Aja Nye pilgrimage Trek

Snowman trek

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The last Vajra Kingdom, only remaining and completely unique culture with its ancient stone fort's with wood ornaments and colorful exclusive brocades. To experience the local culture and exotic text-stiles and clothing wandering around in a timeless fairytale. Hotels and Home stay in high standard with delicious food and a full living Monastic monk body. An incredible beautiful flora vegetation and animal wild life.



The Paro valley with its luxuriant farm fields, rivers and the beautiful hill sides with the Tigersnest (Taktsang) Monastery located high up on a mountain shelf.



The capital Thimphu with its beautiful luxuriant valleys, the Dochu la pass with 108 monuments and a fairytale view, blessed with good weather one can sight the Jomolhari. The Punaka valley with the Royal Catheadral that is in itself a fairytale. Further north in the country Gaza is located with its natural hot springs and the Laya village, the Gangte Monastery in the Phobjikha Valley with its Black neck cranes and further east the Bumthang valley with its old Tempels, Luntse with its textile and weaving and Trashigang.



There is also plenty of opportunities for one of a kind trekking in the mountains. Like traveling into something timeless and sacred and with exclusive and fabulous art forms like woodcarvings, weaving and paintings.


The area's Merak and Sakteng in east Bhutan are now open for treks, according to the locals this is also the place of the famous Himalayan Yeti.



Bhutan is recommend to be done as a separate and complete tour in itself, something unique and incredible exclusive.


The most spectacular way to arrive in Bhutan is to fly into Paro, but it is also possible to drive into Bhutan or exit via North-East Indian border town Jaigoan/Phuentsiling or Samdrup Jongkhar with Jeep, and that can also be recommended.


Custom Itinerary Example


Day 1 Phuentsoling drive into Paro or fly in direct to Paro


Day 2 Paro Taktsang


Day 3 Visit Kyichu Lhakhang, Ta Dzong and Rimpung Dzong - Thimphu


Day 4 Thimphu - visit Tango and Cheri, Tashichho Dzong, Memorial Chorten


Day 5 Drive to Punakha (sightseeing) Wangdi (sightseeing) Gangtey


Day 6 Gangtey (sightseeing) drive back to Punakha


Day 7 Hike from Punakha - Gasa


Day 8 Explore the village and Gasa Dzong


Day 9 Hike and drive to Punakha (Sightsing and overnight)


Day 10 Drive to Thimphu, Dochu la pass - Simtokha Dzong. Relax explore the local markets in Thimphu


Day 11 Drive to Phuentsoling/Jaigoan or drive to Paro for flight


3 days extra : Can include the Bumthang valley with Jambey Lhakhang, Kurjey Lhakhang and Membartsho.


5 days extra : Can include Bumthang and Trashigang east Bhutan with Gom and Chorten kora.


3 days round trip : Program can include entering via Phuentsoling driving via Paro, Thimphu & Punakha with Gaza hot springs going east via Trongsa & Bumthang towards Mongar and Trashigang and exit via Smadrup Jongkhar. Can also fly into Paro on arrival and drive east or fly out from Paro (or exit via Phuentsoling) if driving west from entering Smadrup Jongkhar. (full detailed info on contact and request available).



Treks : We offer also exclusive treks in the pure pristine landscape of Bhutan with many options including the Gangtey Trek, Jumolhari Trek, Laya & Gaza Trek, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek and the famous Snowman Trek and Merak and Sakteng in east Bhutan.


(full detailed info on contact and request available).



Terk Itineray Exampel :


Day 1 Arrival in Paro by flight or drive from Phuentsoling.


Day 2 Paro Visithing Monasteries and Forts of interest


Day 3 Trek begins from Paro-Shana


Day 4 Shana-Soi Thangthaka


Day 5 Soi Thangthaka-Jangothang (Base Camp)


Day 6 Jangothang Halts (Excursion)


Day 7 Retrace downhill to Pangyohsa (Past Soi Thangthaka)


Day 8 Retrace past Shana to tsento village


Day 9 Trek finish, drive to Thimphu via Paro


Day 10 Thimphu Relaxing & Sightseeing


Day 11 Thimphu Sightseeing and drives to Paro or Phuentsoling



Recomended time to visit 11 / 14 & 21 Days



Mach April May and September October.



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Land of the Thunder Drangon

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